Indian Celebrities who were in the Verge of Pauper

We’re gonna make you Know the celebrities who were in the verge of Pauper(poor).

They are:

1. Amitabh Bachhan:

in 1996, Amitabh Bachhan established “Amitabh Bachhan Corporation Limited”. The purpose of the company was to be the 1000 Crore Company. But the very first film of the company flopped.

Similarly, He was given the responsibility of Miss India Beauty Contest where more salary were given to workers and lots of money were spent then he was not able to pay the loan of bank. He even had to mortgage his house.

But he was recovered due to the film of Yash Chopda called “Mohabattein”. It was the turning point in hes life.

2. Shah Rukh Khan:

He has already faced economical problem. In fact, He had invested all his money in his film “Ra-One”. He told ” Fortunately, the film had a good income. If it wasn’t happened then I could have been in road.”

3. Govinda:

Before the film “Partner”, he had to face strong economical problem. At that time he was supported and helped by Salman Khan. Even after the film “Partner”, he was seen in 18 other films in which many of them flopped.

4. Jackie Shroff :

Jackie Shroff is famous with his name “Jaggu DaDa”. He was in verge of Pauper in 2008. He had taken loan from Saajid Nadiyadwala and he was disagreed in paying his loan to him. After Saajid took support from Judiciary, he was helped by Salman Khan.

5. Anupam Kher:

Anupam Kher was fully pauper in 2004 A.D. But, due to his strong effort on establishment of “The actors Prepares” he was fortunate. He had established the company with 1 room with 12 children only.


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