Strange Facts about Wrestling

We most of the time confuse and question about the WWE wrestling and other wrestling commercials. Many people think that the match is false and is fixed before the match is held.

So, we are going to solve your confusion regarding Wrestling:

1. Winners are made by the comments and feedbacks of viewer. 

The main aim of WWE is to provide entertainment to the viewers. Looking at the audience response to such cases, Before the match one is declared the winner.

If the responses and comments of audiences are changed then Wrestlers will have their next plan. This means, one having good body only doesn’t win.

2. The wounds of wrestlers are true but others are drama.

The viewers are entertained by using dangerous stunts. So, for that wrestlers are trained to minimize the wounds. Although wounds are small during stunts, viewers are made to see the big wound.

3. Wrestlers say each and every moves to opponent ones.

During the fight, both of the opponent know each and every moves and stunts. They give signal to each other about their moves.

4. 70% of weapons are Real but they are trained for that.

Hammers, chairs, tables, Lander, Sticks, etc all are real and is very important part of wrestling. The weapons which are kept inside rings are real but they are made specially for the fight. It appears like real ones but it is light in weight, strong, diagram,etc. For this too, they are given training.

5. Bleeding Training is also given, Referee supports

The strange thing in wrestling is that the blood that comes out from wrestler’s body is real. In that case, the referee gives a razor to the wrestler due to which it bleeds even when it is touched. Wrestlers flow it more through their hands which makes viewers accept the scene.


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